.... of the Escapade KID/ONE

- single seat folding wing design that can be operated as either a SSDR or Microlight

This is the ultimate in inexpensive, fun flying. Its strong build and amazing short take off and landing capability means you can fly from almost anywhere. As a UK deregulated aircraft (KID) you can enjoy the freedom of the skies with the minimum of bureaucracy. We also offer a Section S approved version, for those owners wishing to fit larger engines or more "bells and whistles", which would increase the empty weight above 115KG for the SSDR.  Just simply fold the wings and trailer it home when you finish flying for the day. SSDR can be supplied as a Kit or ready to fly, UK approved version is available as kit.

Both aircraft types come with a wealth of options . Choose a basic kit if you want to do most of the work yourself, allowing maximum customisation. Quick build kits cost a little more, but relieve you of the more complex tasks of wing assembly and setting wings to the fuselage, thereby getting the all important geometry right.